Sample Genie


Drying Large Volumes Directly into Vials

SampleGenie technology, in conjunction with Genevac Rocket Synergy, HT and EZ-2 series evaporators, enables large sample volumes to be dried directly into vials, eliminating a number of time-consuming sample handling steps and the attendant risk of errors.   

  • Reduce processing and evaporation times by up to 66%.  
  • SampleGenie compatible with a wide range of HPLC, GC and storage vial sizes.  
  • Proven methodology for environmental analysis, metabolism & toxicology studies, food & beverage research and post purification protocols in life science research.  

Traditionally protocols for concentration of chromatographic fractions have involved drying multiple fractions in an evaporator, re-suspending pooled fractions into a single vial and then re-drying before storage and analysis. Even with modern centrifugal evaporators such processes typically take 2-3 days to complete. Now fractions can be pooled into a SampleGenie flask and dried directly into a submission vial in one evaporation run.


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