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Featured Products

    • Freeze Dryer - AdVantage Pro

      AdVantage Pro

      The convenience of a tray freeze dryer in a benchtop unit. Available with the new Intellitronics™ Controller which allows monitoring of a cycle from virtually anywhere.


    • ProductionControLyo

      ControLyo™ Agreement

      SP Scientific and AAIPharma enter into supply agreement for Lyophilizers with ControLyo™ Nucleation On-Demand Technology
    • CharpyCool_Featured

      CharpyCool Bath

      Precise Temperature Control of Impact Specimen Cooling

Important Information

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      • ControLyo™ Technology

      • SP Scientific At-A-Glance

      • Hull Autoloading Unit

      • Controlled Nucleation in Syringes using ControLyo™

      • The Sample Thief for Lyophilization

      • SP Scientific At-A-Glance

      • Hull Autoloading Unit