Freezemobile Freeze Dryers

The Freezemobile Large Capacity Freeze Dryer is available with condenser capacities of 25 or 35 Liters. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53, -70 and -85C are available to allow configuration for a variety of solvents. A wide array of manifolds are available including stainless steel and acrylic, tree or drum manifolds, heated or unheated shelves with bulk or stoppering.

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  • Freezemobile Commercial Freeze Dryer

    Freezemobile Commercial Freeze Dryer

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  • Mobile, free standing design
  • Choice of refrigeration systems with temperatures of -70 or -85C
  • Smooth wall condenser for quick defrost turnaround time
  • Convenient front facing vacuum pump oil quick-change module
  • Pressure control to provide heat transfer for sublimation as required
  • Wide variety of manifolds and accessories available
  • Optional filter traps to protect the vacuum pump
  • Configure a system to meet your application/solvent needs
  • Acrylic manifold and adaptor plate for aqueous and inorganic solvent applications
  • Stainless steel manifold and adaptor plate for aqueous and organic solvent applications
    • Large batch processing in a single run with 25 or 35 liter condenser capacity
    • Accommodate a wide variety of product solvents with temperatures to -85C
    • Minimize downtime with quick-defrost turnaround time
    • Shorten cycles with pressure control for enhanced heat transfer
    • Easy install, requires standard laboratory utilities

    Maximum Low Condenser Temperature (°C)   60Hz or 50Hz
    -75C / -67C
    -85C / -82C
    Maximum Low Temperature for Optional Shell Bath (°C) 60Hz / 50Hz
    -55C / -52C
    -70C / -67C
    Condenser Capacity in 24 hours*   FM25 /  FM35
    This specification is based on freeze drying water as aggessively as possible.  
    The ability to collect ice is application dependent and your actual rate will most likely be lower
    14 L / 20L
    Condenser Capacity Total   FM25  / FM35
    25 L / 35L
    Condenser Surface Area   FM25 / FM35
    506 in2 /3264 cm2  /  750 in2 / 4838 cm2
    Vacuum Pull Down Time to 100 mT  (0.133 mB)  (minutes)
    ≤20 minutes
    Lowest Vacuum  mT / mB (Refrigerated, Dry and Empty)
    15 mT / .0198 mB
    Note: Performance specifications are based on SP Industries test data from units operating at an ambient room temperature of approximately 20 °C. 
    SP Industries recommends an operating range of 15-25 °C (59-77 °F).


    Dimensional Data
    Width (in. / cm)
    35 / 89
    Depth (in. / cm)
    29 / 74
    Height (in. / cm)
    37 / 94
    Weight (lb / kg)
    280-495 / 127-225

    Dimensional Data
    Width (in. / cm)
    35 / 89
    Depth (in. / cm)
    36 / 91
    Height (in. / cm)
    37 / 94
    Weight (lb / kg)
    450-500 / 205-225


    • Laboratory research
    • Protein purification
    • Products for analysis – plant material, organic tissue, waste products

    View Available Wide Mouth Filter Seal Flasks (PDF)
    Acrylic Drum Manifold
    Acrylic Drum Manifold
    Stainless Steel Drum Manifold
    Stainless Steel Drum Manifold
    Bulk Shelf Rack (Heated or Unheated)
    Bulk Shelf Rack
    Stoppering Assembly
    Stoppering Assembly
    Vertical Manifold
    Vertical Manifold Assembly
    12 Port Acrylic Drum Manifold;
    10 Inch Diameter
    12 or 18 Port Stainless Steel
    Drum Manifold
    3, 4 or 5 Shelves;
    Heated or Unheated
    1, 2 or 3 Shelves;
    Heated or Unheated
    4, 8, 12 or 24 Port Stainless Steel
    Vertical Manifold
    Note: Additional standard and custom accessories are available, along with flask adapters, glassware and other components. Contact SP Scientific for more information.