Refurb - SP Hull - 30-Inch Rotary Valve

30-Inch nominal Rotary Isolation Valve. Pre-owned but never used.

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  • Redurbished 30 inch Rotary Valve

    Redurbished 30 inch Rotary Valve

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A Design So Innovative, It Earned a Patent: USP 5,330,157

  • Minimizes particulate inside the lyophilizer.
  • Requires much less maintenance time for seal replacement.
  • Does not obstruct the vapor path.
  • Is more compact; the actuator does not intrude into either lyophilizer vessel.
  • 100% Type 316L stainless steel and Polyetheretherketone polymer construction. Body and Disk O-ring seals are silicon. Shaft seals are teflon.
The rotary disk valve is available as a drop-in replacement for all standard butterfly valves.
    Use An Isolation Valve Between the Chamber and External Condenser
  • for Vacuum integrity testing: isolate the vessels for individual rate-of-rise determinations.
  • for Barometric end-point detection during freeze drying (rate-of-rise).
  • for Condenser isolation between multiple chamber loads (where condenser ice capacity greatly exceeds product water content).
  • for Condenser isolation in case of refrigeration problems (all remaining refrigeration capacity is directed to the product shelves).
  • for Reduced turn-around time between batches: unload chamber while defrosting condenser.
  • for Condenser isolation during steam defrost.
  • for Cleanroom isolation during Condenser maintenance.
  • for Chamber isolation during inert gas backfill of vials before stoppering.