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SP equipment is a synergistic collection of well-known, well-established and highly regarded scientific brands — SP VirTis, SP FTS, SP Hotpack, SP Hull, SP Genevac, and SP i-Dositecno — joined to create one of the largest and most experienced portfolios in freeze drying/lyophilization, complete aseptic fill-finish production lines, centrifugal evaporation and concentration, temperature control/thermal management, glassware washers and controlled environments.  

SP equipment is part of SP Industries, Inc. a leading designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, pharmaceutical manufacturing solutions, laboratory supplies and instruments, and specialty glassware. SP's products support research and production across diverse end user markets including pharmaceutical, scientific research, industrial, aeronautic, semiconductor and healthcare. Headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania, SP is an ATS company with production facilities in the USA and Europe with a world-wide sales and service network providing full product support including training and technical assistance.

For more than 100 years, SP has transformed into a leading supplier to the worldwide scientific community …



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SP has production facilities in the USA and Europe, and each has a quality management system certified to ISO 9001:2015 and other standards as required. For full details and downloads of relevant certificates, click here.

  • SP i-Dositecno

    For over 15 years, i-Dositecno has designed, built and provided top quality sterile filling systems for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Achieving a high level of specialization, in which engineering, creativity and innovation are bought together to deliver customers the best customized solution, today i-Dositecno systems are used by leading pharmaceutical companies worldwide to facilitate new products and help optimize aseptic production.
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  • SP VirTis

    VirTis, founded in 1953 has been manufacturing and selling freeze dryers since 1957.  At that time no standard laboratory freeze dryer existed and scientists were required to perform small freeze dry runs utilizing expendable refrigerants such as dry ice.  The founders of VirTis took their knowledge of freeze drying, coupled it with mechanical refrigeration and developed the first mechanically refrigerated research and development freeze dryers available in the United States.  Over the years VirTis engineers have designed and developed hundreds of equipment breakthroughs leading the brand into the 21st century.  VirTis has been the leading supplier of research and development freeze dryers in the United States and is well recognized in every part of the world. 

    VirTis = freeze dryer

    VirTis freeze dryers (aka lyophilizers) are available as standard systems or can be customized to meet any freeze drying application.  The product line includes small bench top manifold systems capable of 2 liters of condensate up to small production systems capable of processing up to 600 liters of product in each batch.  VirTis serves every freeze drying application need including everything from drying leaves and berries for analysis, tissue banking, sample preparation for HPLC,  and research and development  and  manufacturing of diagnostic kits and pharmaceuticals to name a few.

    The staff of 24 engineers and designers with over 200 years of cumulative freeze drying, vacuum and refrigeration expertise are among the most knowledgeable in their field.  Having helped solve freeze drying application needs for over 50 years uniquely positions VirTis as the ‘best in class’ with regard to understanding freeze drying needs and the best possible way to match equipment to application.

    SP Scientific trademark names of the VirTis brand include Benchmark, Genesis, Ultra, VirTual, AdVantage and AdVantage Plus, Freezemobile and the BTK BenchTop freeze dryers.

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  • SP Hull

    Hull manufactures Pharmaceutical Freeze Dryers for both Pilot and Production use. Over our fifty-plus years we have developed a depth and breadth of experience second to no one in the design, fabrication, assembly, testing and installation of these lyophilizers. We design to Pharmaceutical cGMP industry standards and our control systems are GAMP 4 compliant and validatable to 21 CFR Part 11, Electronic Records and Signatures. Vessels are engineered and built to ASME section VIII Division 1 standards for unfired pressure vessels.
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  • SP Genevac

    Genevac was founded in 1990 by Dr.  Michael Cole and was started as a small family owned business specializing in the manufacture of corrosion proof vacuum pumps and centrifugal evaporation equipment for the life science research laboratory.  The Cole Vacuum Pump (CVP) was the world’s first corrosion proof, high vacuum, low maintenance laboratory pump.  The CVP provided the platform for the expansion of Genevac into the centrifugal evaporation market and between 1990 and 1995 Genevac manufactured and sold centrifugal evaporators for general purpose use in life science research.

    In the mid-1990’s Genevac responded to the industry need for new technologies to support faster drug discovery and development and focused on creating a new class of laboratory evaporation equipment specifically designed for combinatorial chemistry and its related applications.  The EZ-2 and HT-4X Centrifugal Evaporators were designed to meet the high demand throughput, synthesis, solvent evaporation and purification needs of drug discovery and combinatorial techniques.

    Genevac has outpaced the competition by partnering with their customer/client base and understanding the obstacles to the use of centrifugal evaporation/concentration systems.  One of the first significant advances was the development of the Genevac SampleGenie.  The SampleGenie is a novel approach to taking large single or multiple source fluid volumes and concentrating them into a single, small storage vial-right inside the centrifugal evaporator.

    Centrifugal evaporators traditionally required add-on low temperature vacuum line traps to collect any condensables being removed during process but before getting to the oil sealed vacuum pump.  Condensables by-passing the trap would lead to premature vacuum pump performance degradation or failure.  Genevac solved this often problematic configuration by incorporating an oil free pump and the revolutionary Speed Trap. The Speed Trap is an on-board highly resistant -50C trap that uniquely captures the solvents coming off the centrifugal evaporator and traps them away in a liquefied form.  This allows fast and easy removable of the condensate and minimizes downtime of the centrifugal evaporator to minutes since there is no defrosting of a frozen condensate and no awkward emptying of independent vacuum traps.

    As the use of centrifugal evaporation and concentration grew as a scientific technique Genevac identified that one of the greatest needs was for users to be able to quickly process larger volumes of solvents in parallel and without supervision.  Although rotary evaporators have traditionally been utilized for this type of evaporation/concentration the process requires regular supervision and multiple pieces of equipment.  In response to this need for unsupervised evaporation/concentration of larger volumes of solvents in parallel Genevac designed and developed the Rocket.  This revolutionary approach to large solvent evaporation is based on its unique ability to utilize low temperature steam as a heat transfer medium to the product containers in the centrifugal evaporator thus significantly decreasing drying time and eliminating the need for continuous supervision.

    Genevac is located in Ipswich in the United Kingdom.

    Whenever there is a requirement for evaporation or concentration Genevac has the solution.  Genevac trademarks include  EZ-2, miVac, HT Systems, SampleGenie, Rocket, Speed Trap, Coolheat, SampleGuard, Dri-Pure and LyoSpeed.

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  • SP Hotpack

    Hotpack is the longest-lived brand within SP Scientific and has served the scientific community for over 100 years. Hotpack was started in 1908 by Henry Perlman. The origination of the name came from the brand’s first commercialized product. This product was in response to an unsanitary practice of hospitals using hot packs for certain patient illness, such as pneumonia. Working in conjunction with Samaritan Hospital, now known as Temple University Hospital, Mr. Perlman developed a series of lamps that would create the same hot pack effect but in a sanitary way.

    Continuing its close association with hospitals Hotpack developed a series of products specifically aimed at patient care. In the 1930’s Hotpack developed infant incubators and heated bassinettes. Equipment such as this has become standard in hospitals throughout the world.
    In order to further develop business the Hotpack company began manufacturing products for the general laboratory and pharmaceutical market places. Included in the line of product over the last few decades are environmental walk in rooms, environmental stability chambers, incubators, vacuum ovens, sterilizers, glassware washers and dryers.

    Today, Hotpack products are available primarily as OEM products. Undercounter glassware washers are the single largest product line for the Hotpack brand of products and are sold through various distributors. Hotpack products are produced in Warminster, PA USA.

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  • SP FTS

    Founded in 1971, FTS Systems began as a manufacturer of low temperature baths, traps and immersion probes. SP Scientific trademark names of the FTS Systems brand include LyoStar, SMART, Flexi-Dry, Dura-Dry, Multi-Cool, Bio-Cool, Flexi-Cool, Maxi-Cool, Titan Trap, Vapor Trap, Ultra Cool, XR, XE and ThermoJet.

    Shortly after developing a line of thermal control equipment FTS Systems began manufacturing freeze dryers as well.  Currently FTS Systems continues to manufacture both temperature control/management system and freeze dryers.

    The FTS Systems, BioPharm Division was formed for the further development of freeze dryers and controlled rate freezers.  A full range of freeze dryers was initially designed and developed by FTS Systems and sold into the general freeze drying market place.  In the 1990’s a collaboration with Purdue University and Eli Lilly, Dr. Steven Nail, Dr. Nathaniel Milton,  Mr. Michael Roy and Dr. Michael Pikal began publishing papers on manometric temperature measurement (MTM).  Under the direction of  Dr. Michael Pikal at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Charlie Tang and Dr. Henning Gieseler, among  other associates,  continued the collaboration with FTS Systems that culminated in the development of the SMART  freeze drying system.  SMART has revolutionized the approach to optimizing the primary drying phase of the freeze drying cycle and provides research and development labs with crucial information about their products as well as increasing return on investment for those labs equipped with SMART.

    At SP Scientific both FTS Systems and VirTis continue to explore breakthrough technology to help meet the needs of lyophilization market place.  The collaboration of these two brands has created a unique opportunity to pool equipment and application knowledge together in the most powerful way.

    The BioPharm Division also worked closely with Dr. Stanley Leibo and Dr. William Rall in the 1980’s on the development of a mechanically refrigerated alcohol bath.  The first mouse embryo successfully frozen in the US, at the Oak Ridge National Labs by Dr. Peter Mazur et al, was frozen in an FTS Systems alcohol bath.  This line of products became the controlled rate freezer of choice for the bovine embryo market and was subsequently adopted for use with other species. 

    The Thermal Equipment Division of FTS Systems has been providing low temperature, mechanically refrigerated equipment for over 35 years.  Serving many different industries, including aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive test, analytical chemistry, mechanical testing, medical device manufacturers and the semiconductor test market the FTS Systems brand of SP Scientific has a wide range of application knowledge.    Originally utilizing traditional cooling mediums such as alcohol and glycol/water mixtures the equipment designed was able to reach temperatures to -100C.  As FTS Systems brand line of equipment became recognized as aspecialty low temperature mechanically refrigerated devices customer request caused the expansion of theproduct offering to include recirculating chillers, low temperature probes utilized as stand alone or incorporated  in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) applications, low temperature baths and traps and a full line of temperature controlled air-stream forcing devices as well as systems with a broader range of fluid compatibility.    Utilizing air, direct contact or fluid SP Scientific can provide a cooling or heating solution to meet almost every low temperature scientific or test need.

    FTS Systems' products are made in Warminster, PA USA

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