Listing of consultants are provided here for your convenience.  Consultants are not commercially affiliated with SP Scientific.  If you have a lyophilization issue or concern that requires consultation we suggest that you investigate the consultants provided here.  If you are a consultant and would like to be included please contact us.
  • Jeff Schwegman, Ph.D.

    Jeff Schwegman, Ph.D.
    J. Jeff Schwegman, Ph.D. is currently the founder and chief executive officer of Labyrinth Biopharma, where he specializes in speaking and consulting in parenteral pre-formulation, formulation, analytical, and lyophilization of both small molecules and large biomolecules. He is also currently the Course Director for the Center for Professional Advancement where he teaches the Lyophilization Technology course in the United States and at various locations in Europe. In addition, he holds several patents and develops new technologies in lyophilization science.
  • Biopharma Group

    Biopharma Group

    The R&D consultancy and analytical lab services division of Biopharma Group is headed up by Director of R&D, Dr Kevin Ward, who previously worked at Pfizer Central Research and as a Research Fellow in vaccine development at Aston University having received his PhD for investigations into the freeze drying of pharmaceutical formulations and drug/vaccine delivery systems. Dr Ward lectures extensively on freeze drying processes, best practices and technologies both as part of Biopharma’s freeze-drying training courses (scheduled and customised) and as a regular on the conference circuit, as well as having been an industrial supervisor to PhD students. Established in 1997, Biopharma’s R&D division provides independent R&D, lyo-analysis, process development services, training courses and analytical instrumentation to the global customer base. Together with our knowledge of freeze drying, we offer a uniquely comprehensive service, including consultancy packages, covering all aspects of freeze-drying from pre-formulation studies through to production and dried product analysis. Biopharma Group is a leading supplier of equipment for freeze-drying and associated processing technologies, R&D consultancy, and analytical lab services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and process industries. Our aim is to provide equipment and services that best meet your process requirements and to remain on-hand for assistance thereafter.
  • Dr. Indu Javeri

    Dr. Indu Javeri
    CuriRx Inc is a Contract Research and Product Development Service Company specializing in the area of Formulation and Analytical development. We have tremendous experience in developing lyophilization cycle that can be transferred to CMO. We also have the capacity to manufacture non-GMP vials for supporting animal studies and non-GMP stability studies. Scientist at CuriRx have successfully developed formulations for pharmaceuticals (small molecule), peptides, biopharmaceuticals(large molecules), antibodies, generics, vaccines and biosimilar products. We also offer consultancy in the areas of product development, process development, troubleshooting process or analytical methods, business strategies and GMP compliances.
  • David (Ted) Sutherland - Lomoco
    David "Ted" Sutherland gained his freeze drying experience as Vice President of Engineering of the Virtis Company, Gardiner, New York. In the course of his more than thirty years with the company, he guided the design of both their research and industrial freeze dryers. He specified their operational requirements, designed to meet the requirements and participated in the marketing and selling of the freeze dryers. Traveling worldwide he also saw to their installation and trouble shooting. He is responsible for numerous innovations and holds a number of patents assigned to the Virtis Company. Prior to joining the Virtis Company he worked for the Advanced Products Division of the Worthington Corporation designing air liquefaction turbo expanders. Mr. Sutherland is now active as a consultant in the freeze drying equipment field, as well as in the low temperature refrigeration field.  Mr. Sutherland earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical engineering from New York University, a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University, as well as a Masters degree in Business Administration from Marist College. At Columbia he majored in thermodynamics and compressible fluid flow, with vapor cycle refrigeration and cryogenics as areas of special interest.
  • Dr. Henning Geiseler. University of Erlangen

    Dr. Henning Geiseler. University of Erlangen
    Dr. Geiseler is a licensed pharmacist in Germany since 2000 and received his PhD in 2004 at the Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Erlangen (Prof. G. W. Lee) with the thesis: Product Morphology and Drying Behavior delineated by a new Freeze Drying Microbalance. After a post-doctoral research period at the School of Pharmacy, University of Connecticut (Prof. Michael J. Pikal) until early 2006, he returned to Erlangen where he established the Freeze Drying Focus Group within the Division of Pharmaceutics. His current research interests include process analytical technologies (PAT) for freeze drying, methodologies to determine a representative critical temperature of a given formulation with focus on freeze dry microscopy (FDM) and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC), heat and mass transfer when drying from atypical product container systems and small product volumes, formulation of proteins and peptides, and (5) freeze drying of nanomaterials. More information about the group members, actual research activities and general information about freeze drying can be found on the official website.
  • Dr. Margit Gieseler & Dr. Henning Gieseler

    Dr. Margit Gieseler & Dr. Henning Gieseler
    GILYOS (composed of the words GIeseler LYOphilization Solutions) was formed in late 2010 to provide consulting and contract development services in the field of freeze-drying (lyophilization) to the global pharmaceutical and food industry. The service portfolio of GILYOS comprises true in-depth expertise in freeze-drying science and application of this technology to various pharmaceutical products, food products and other materials. The key area of expertise of GILYOS is freeze-drying process development and optimization which is supported by cutting-edge process analytical technology (PAT) tools for freeze-drying. With experience and technical knowledge of different scales in freeze-drying equipment, GILYOS can offer a comprehensive development service from early formulation development through scale-up to manufacturing. Importantly, GILYOS applies analytical procedures throughout the development process to fully assess product performance characteristics in the frozen and dried state.
  • Karen Bossert, Ph.D., R.Ph.
    Experienced and versatile professional specializing in Manufacturing  Development of Sterile Products, with added  focus in Lyophilization and support  for Quality and Manufacturing  Operations, from pre­ clinical development through commercialization.Specializations include: Manufacturing Development; Person-in-Plant; Product and Process Design; Technology Transfer I Scale-up; Manufacturing Operations; Quality Assurance; Quality Agreements; Training; Audits; Documentation; and Validation.
  • Lyophilization Technology Inc.

    Lyophilization Technology Inc.
    Since its inception in 1992, the company has grown to provide a wide variety of services in diverse applications, drawing on a breadth of experience, depth of science, and extensive expertise.  The mandates for the organization are to provide a source of services, from early development through Phase II clinical trial materials, assisting in bringing a new product to the health care industry.  Technical support and services also provide facilitation for commercial manufacturing operations through consulting and training. The practical application of experience is coupled with interests in applied research and advancing the technology.  This combination of research and commercial enterprise offers the industry a unique source of comprehensive expertise that spans bringing a new product to market to increasing the productivity of existing operations. 
  • SGS Life Science Services

    SGS Life Science Services
    Life sciences services from SGS – optimize your development timelines to get medicines and medical devices to market quickly and safely. There is no other area of business that is more heavily regulated than the development, testing and distribution of life-saving medicines and medical devices. That is why we provide you with the expertise and resources you need to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.As the world’s leading testing, verification and certification company, we offer you decades of experience in the field of life sciences.

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