Metabolism & Toxicology Studies

Metabolic and Toxicology studies look at the passage of a drug or chemical into and through the body.  They range from routine safety screening for workers potentially at risk to chemicals through to pharmaceutical drug safety testing and drug prescription compliance and monitoring in the clinical environment.  Genevac systems provide an invaluable tool to researchers in these environments, providing fast, safe evaporative sample preparation free from artefact, contamination and sample loss.


Applications range from the relatively simple concentration or drying of solvent extracts from tissue samples to qualitatively analyse for the presence of a drug.  Two studies using a miVac Concentrator focus on this work:

More complex metabolic studies utilize labelled drug molecules which are fed to subjects.  Samples are taken, extracted and separated via HPLC.  Multiple samples are often collected in scintillant containing microtitre plates, such as the LumaPlate.  These must be carefully dried before analysis via a luminescence reader such as a TopCount.  If the plates are crudely dried the labelled molecule does not come into intimate contact with the scintillant providing a false reading.  The Genevac EZ-2 and HT-4X have been shown to be excellent for this purpose.


Customers working with larger volumes have shown that SampleGenie is a useful tool to help automate their sample transfer process without adverse effect on sample recovery. 
Useful Papers:
  •  Evaluation of the EZ-2 for Forensic Toxicology - Dr Eleanor Miller & Dr Simon Elliott, ROAR Forensics, UK.  Evaluated the EZ-2 for use concentrating extracts from hair samples to detect alcohol and drugs of abuse metabolites entrained in the samples.
  •  Increasing Metabolite Recoveries in ADMET Studies - Dr Sophie Mcdougall, Sanofi Aventis
    Studies showed that by using a Genevac HT-4 evaporator and Luma plates can increase the sensitivity and hence the recoveries as the extra gravitational force applied helps the sample mixture to dry as a tight pellet at the bottom of the well.
  •  Automation without Robotics - Peter Bennett, Drug Metabolism group at Servier Research
    Evaluation of SampleGenie™ in their laboratory
  •  Advances in Sample-prep for Metabolite Profiling - Dr Flavio Cinato, Nerviano MS
    Trials with EZ-2 showed that the optimal balance between speed and minimal compound degradation. 
  •  Improving Productivity in Toxicology Screening - Rob Darrington, Genevac
    Using a modern centrifugal evaporator like Genevac EZ-2 provides automation, user safety, reliability of the analysis and productivity
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