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Genevac evaporators have been designed from the outset to be robust and withstand the rigors of working in the chemistry laboratory.  Systems were used in the early days for Combinatorial Chemistry where routine use of 100% TFA has given systems a tough field testing.


Whether working in drug discovery, flavour or fragrence research, liquid chrystal synthesis or academic reaserch, Genevac systems are the ideal tool for use when performing parallel chemistry.  When working with a single sample then a rotary evaporator is ideal, whereas, when you have multiple samples this would be a bottleneck.  Spending time just watching a rotary evaporator is not very efficient!  
The main uses for Genevac systems are:
  • Solvent exchange – removal of reaction solvents between stages
  • Re-salt formation – removal of strong acids of bases when changing salt forms.  Genevac have a special option for HCl resistance which enables the use of concentrated HCl – ideal for this purpose.
  • Post Purification Handling – removing purification solvents following normal phase, reverse phase or chiral separation. Genevac also offer SampleGenie to enable a large volume to be dried directly into a small storage which eliminates the need to reformat samples from a flask into a vial.  Reverse phase HPLC fractions may also be fast lyophilised in some Genevac systems.
  • Compound logistics - transfer to and management of samples in storage conditions and systems, this is often done using DMSO, a notoriously difficult to evaporate high boiling point solvent.
Depending on the number and nature of samples then one of several Genevac systems may be suitable – the EZ-2 and HT series are designed for working with smaller samples in plates, tubes and vials.  When working with large volumes in flasks – then the Rocket evaporator is the most suitable, taking up to 6 flasks.
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