Post Purification Sample Handling

Depending on the process, and therefore the nature of the samples, then Genevac provides a number of solutions to facilitate post purification sample handling, including reformatting.
  • Normal Phase HPLC, SFC or Flash chromatography – removal of organic solvents is simple in a Genevac evaporator. Evaporation of Solvent Mixtures is safe when using Dri-Pure which eliminates the effects of bumping.
  • Reverse Phase HPLC– evaporation of water and acetonitrile (or methanol) is the principal application of many Genevac systems.  A multiple stage method has been developed to remove the organic solvent without freezing the water, remove the water, and then dry any remaining stubborn solvent.  Alternatively, the LyoSpeed fast lyopilisation method can be used in Genevac HT series evaporators.  Recent advances in condenser technology, in particular the high power -75°C cold trap available with the HT-8 or HT-12, have lead to significant advances in lyophilisation success rates.

Post Purification Handling following removal of purification solvents the sample typically needs to be reformatting from the fraction tubes or flask, into a small vial for compound storage. Genevac developed SampleGenie to enable a large volume to be dried (or lyophilised) directly into a small storage vial which eliminates the need to reformat samples from a flask or multiple tubes into a vial.

Depending on the number and nature of samples then one of several Genevac systems may be suitable – the EZ-2 and HT series are designed for working with smaller samples in plates, tubes and vials.  When working with large volumes in flasks – then the Rocket evaporator is the most suitable, taking up to 6 flasks.

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