SP Scientific carries a selection of pre-tested Duplex Receptacles, all GFI Ground Fault. Our standard receptacles are fitted flush with the internal walls of the room, and all are vapor proof to make sure that they meet stringent laboratory standards for safety.


SP Scientific recommends and supplies Munters Dehumidification Systems for all our Controlled Humidity Rooms and Reach-in Chambers that require low humidity cycles during operation and where the ambient humidity is frequently high.


We supply internal and external ramps for all our environmental room designs. Fully compliant with ADA recommendations, the ramps are made from high quality galvanized steel with non-slip friction strips for added safety. Stainless steel ramps are also available to suit customer needs.


SP Scientific is able to offer a wide range of lighting options for a wide range of applications. Whether you are using lights for photostability, plant growth or any other function, we can provide a suitable lighting system for you. We have UV and visible as well as combination light sources to meet the requirements for most photo-dependent studies.

Emergency Personnel Alarm:

SP Scientific offers an optional Emergency Personnel Alarm which is placed 12" above floor level. It provides an audio and visual signal outside the room if any emergency arises causing persons working in the room to experience difficulties, feinting or seizure. There is also a push-rod mechanism which opens the door from the inside if anyone becomes accidentally locked inside.


A complete range of shelving is available to suit the particular needs of the users. SP Scientific will install wall-mounted or free standing shelving, along with other casework that may be required, such as sinks, drainers and counter tops.

The shelving is available in a choice of widths, heights and materials depending on your exact requirements. Please specify at time of ordering.

Electronic Chart Recorders:

SP Scientific recommends and uses Honeywell precision electronic chart recorders for both temperature only and temperature plus humidity models. Single or two-pen charts give an accurate and visual record of the room's performance over 7 days or 30 days, depending on the chart used.

Redundant Systems:

Full redundancy systems are available from SP Scientific where critical environmental conditions are absolutely essential for the user. Full redundancy requires dual control and conditioning systems which cycle independently to ensure readiness and maintenance of set parameters at all times.

Back up systems are also available for the refrigeration system, where water cooled systems are backed up by air cooled systems to avoid downtime.

Remote and Weatherized Compressors:

Where space is at a premium, SP Scientific can mount the refrigeration compressors in a remote location some distance from the Environmental Room. This may be in a corridor, an adjacent room or on a different floor altogether such as a contractor's mezzanine.

If no indoor space is available, SP Scientific can supply compressors in a weatherproof housing, which can be fixed on a roof or a patio adjacent to the room's location.

Factory Acceptance Tests:

When contracts request it, a Factory Acceptance Test is offered to customers prior to the room shipping to its destination. The Room or Chamber is build in our facility and fully equipped to perform to the specification requested by the end-user.

Customers are invited to examine the Room or Chamber when it is assembled in the SP Scientific plant in Glenside, PA, and run whatever tests they wish to guarantee it is performing to their exacting requirements.

Once satisfied that it is functioning within specification, it is packaged ready for shipping.

Fresh Air Ventilation Systems:

These systems are necessary for introducing fresh air into the rooms where individuals are working for an extended period of time.

Access Ports:

Access for passing communications cables into the Walk-in Room or Reach-in Chamber when required for data logging, system monitoring and validation.

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