Glassware Dryer

Large Capacity Glassware Dryer

SP Scientific Reach-in Chambers are constructed entirely from Stainless Steel, inside and out. The Large Capacity Glassware Dryer is a highly efficient, quality engineered chamber that achieves a temperature of 180°C.


  • Stainless Steel interior and exterior
  • Microprocessor based PID controls
  • Solid door as standard



Hotpack model 33D is a high quality Glassware Dryer and sterilizer, built for large capacity laboratory and industrial applications where speed and volume are important.

The SP Scientific Chamber is constructed from 304 Stainless Steel, with the exterior surface painted as extra protection. The interior is unpainted allowing easy cleaning. Each Dryer is supplied with 4 rod type stainless steel shelves which locate into 4 pilasters. The pilasters hold the shelves rigid and bear the load. There are 19 available shelf positions to allow for varying glassware sizes if required.

The Large Capacity Dryer is capable of accommodating up to four standard large capacity laboratory washer baskets.


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