Chamber Control Options

Chamber Control Options and Capabilities 





  • Honeywell Chart Recorder. Either single pen or 2-pen options to chart temperature and/or humidity over 24 hours or 7 days.
  • Ease of use. The control panel is mounted on top of the chamber, which is highly visible and makes setting and reading parameters easy. Setting conditions and Hi/Lo limits is a simple operation using push buttons until the LED display reads the desired amount.
  • Versatility. It can also accommodate all the components to operate from a single set point requirement to a complex parameter cycling regime.
  • Data logging. An optional data logging controller is available to maintain records of conditions over time.
  • Computer interface. Connection to a PC through a serial interface (RS232) enables transfer of data.
  • User defined alarms. An independent alarm can be set for each parameter value. The alarm settings are stored in the controller and automatically applied if the conditions stray from the set values.


  • Environmental Testing
  • Climatic Testing
  • Plant Growth Applications
  • Stability & Photostability Testing
  • Humidity Testing
  • Photobiology

Performance and Accuracy Using PID Control

Temperature Control


The digital control system maintains 0.10°C controller resolution through the entire temperature range and proportions power to the heating system upon demand for rapid recovery. There are no mechanical cycling relays, solenoids, and/or contactors. Zero cross-stitching eliminates radio frequency interference. Using a rear wall plenum, there is a temperature uniformity of +0.3 °C. Programmable ramping and soaking controllers are also available.

 Humidity Control


Relative humidity is controlled through PID control system. This system allows you to set in % RH. Relative humidity is detected by an electronic dry sensor that provides control of +2.0% over the entire range.


Safety Control


All SP Scientific high and low limit electronic controls are independently circuited with audible and visual alarms. In the event of a control malfunction, a high limit system stops power to the heaters and humidifier while maintaining conditions at slightly elevated temperatures. The low limit system reacts by turning off the refrigeration system while maintaining a slightly lower operating temperature. An independent dry set of contacts are provided for connection to the users Building Management System.

 21 CFR pt. 11 Control

SP Scientific offers controllers and recorders that are 21 CFR pt. 11 compliant. Please Contact Us for details.

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