QuBePhotostability Shelf for Stability Chambers

The QuBe™ Photostability Shelf can transform a standard Stability Chamber into a Photostability Chamber in minutes. Fully ICH compatible, the QuBe™ is available with Cool White, UV and D65/ID65 Artificial Daylight options.




  • Fully Portable - works inside your existing room or chamber
  • Meets ICH Guidelines to provide 1,200,000 Lux.Hours visible light
  • Meets ICH Guidelines to provide 200 Watt.Hrs UVA.
  • Select from several light sources and spectrums available
  • Several instrumentation packages available to use as stand-alone Dose Control or interface with controls
  • Uniformity in 19" X 19" area +/-20%, similar to built in chamber lighting systems.


The SP Scientific QuBe™ is a high quality light shelf, built to perform to the exacting standards required by regulatory bodies as ICH.

Designed to fit most standard Stability Chambers, the QuBe™ is constructed from Grained Aluminum, with the interior surface powder coated with highly reflective white paint to diffuse the light and increase the light uniformity on the shelf area.

Because Photostability Testing takes up much less time than Q1A stability Testing, rather than having dedicated Photostability Chambers standing idle for much of the time, the QuBe™ allows you to use your standard Stability Chambers as Photostability Chambers and thus maximize the usage of your equipment. An optional cart is available which will carry 2 QuBe™'s for testing in Stability Walk-in Chambers.

An optional dose controller is available with a totalizer that can turn off the light sources when the set dose is reached, allowing extremely accurate exposure control and performance. With a battery backup, the controller can continue to monitor the dose achieved in the case of power interruptions, and resume the test when the power is restored.

In order to maintain the uniformity of the Temperature Control in the Chamber, the light box is fitted with a circulation fan to distribute any local heat generated and ensure that all parts of the chamber are constantly supplied with conditioned air at the correct temperature.

A wide range of optional accessories is available for the QuBe™ including light sources, control options, cart for 2 QuBe™ units and PC interfaces.




Specifications: QuBe


QuBe™ Volume 9 cu ft 
255 Liters
External Dimensions 30”w x 26”d x 20”h 
76cm x 66cm x 51cm
Operating Temperature range 2°C to 70°C
Control Resolution 0.1°C
Cool white intensity 15,000 Lux
UVA Intensity 3.5 W/m2
Uniformity 80%
Shelf area (each) 6 sq ft (0.5 sq M)
Electrical Services 115V, 1Ph, 60Hz 
1.0kW, 5A
Shipping Weight 60 lbs; 27 Kg

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