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Humidity control is a frequently required option in Climatic and Environmental testing. SP Scientific employs a range of humidity options covering many disciplines, so that there is a solution to virtually every customer's requirements.



Stainless steel vessel vapor generators operating at atmospheric pressure produce the required humidity levels, quietly and efficiently. Moisture is in vapor form which eliminates the problem of droplets or "rain". Relative humidity of up to 96% is possible on all multi-range models. The system can be used with water that has conductivities within a range of 20,000 to 12 Meg ohms resistivity.


SP Scientific offers dehumidification systems to meet requirements including mechanical refrigeration, rotary desiccant dryers, and compressed air dryers. Normally chamber air is mixed with ventilation air, treated by the dehumidification system and distributed throughout the chamber. The choice of dehumidification system depends on the amount of humidity that is removed, that is to say the difference between the set level and ambient.

Typical Performance Envelope for a Walk-In Room:


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