Introducing Ecodyst® - Next Generation Rotary Evaporators

Ecodyst® is the global leader and creator of the next generation of rotary evaporators used by scientists in pharmaceutical, cannabis and other industries, either in research or commercial settings. Using a proprietary and innovative self-cooling technology, Ecodyst has evolved the EcoChyll® evaporators to be more efficient, have a smaller footprint, and be less costly to operate than traditional methods. The range consists of benchtop and industrial scale evaporators to accommodate many applications. This disruptive technology has set new standards worldwide for scientific instruments.


The Benchtop Model - Ecodyst 1H

A true all-in-one rotary evaporator system, the Ecodyst 1H is a remarkably compact piece of apparatus that redefines what rotary evaporator technology can achieve by condensing the entire footprint of a conventional evaporation system into a single instrument, with a footprint of just 1.8 square foot. The Ecodyst 1H hosts an integrated self-cooling condenser, water bath, and vacuum pump eliminating the need for dry ice or water coolants. Researchers can also rely on the Ecodyst 1H rotary evaporator system to run fully autonomous processes.


The Industrial Scale Model - EcoChyll®

Built for industrial scale evaporation, the EcoChyll® high-speed evaporator from Ecodyst combines high loading capacities with rapid continuous cooling for efficient and fast solvent recovery. Courtesy of proprietary intelligent direct self-cooling condensers, the EcoChyll® high cooling capacity and large surface area condensers can reliably condense large volumes of solvents. The EcoChyll evaporator sizes range from 22L - 200L with true working volume.


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  • Ecodyst 1H

    Ecodyst 1H

  • Ecodyst 50L EcoChyll

    Ecodyst 50L EcoChyll

  • Ecodyst Product Drain Valve

    Ecodyst Product Drain Valve

  • Ecodyst X5 Condenser

    Ecodyst X5 Condenser

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  • Proprietary first-in-class highly efficient metallic condensers for rotary evaporators
  • Direct self-cooling technology that truly eliminates dry ice and antifreeze chillers
  • Environmentally friendly, energy efficient and sustainable
  • Product drain valve allows for fast and easy oil collection
  • EcoChyll has the highest evaporation rates under mild conditions, ensuring heat sensitive samples are preserved
  • Easy to use