Environmental Simulator & Precision Temperature Cycling System

Environmental Simulator & Precision Temperature Cycling System

Release Date: July 14, 2010

The ThermoJet ES has been designed to deliver controlled temperature air from -80C to +350C at air flow rates from 5 to 20 scfm. A type T thermocouple now enables the ThermoJet ES to provide high accuracy (0.5 degree) temperature control throughout its range of operation. The ThermoJet can cycle from +200C to -65C in less than 10 seconds - saving valuable testing and/or production time while providing a quieter work environment with an improved DB rating of 68 with tests conducted at 5 SCFM. 

Fully compliant with 2010 EN and CE Standards - the ThermoJet ES includes a wealth of exciting new features. An enhanced nozzle design enables device testing at pressures as high as 70 PSI. The improved motorized arm can be effortlessly and precisely adjusted with a click of a button from the touch screen. Enhanced data logging capabilities now permit the system to be used for device characterization through advanced trending and data analysis. The new generation system also allows easy data transfer to a PC using a USB Memory Stick. Command sets remain standard on the ThermoJet ES to ensure backwards compatibility for existing customers.

The ThermoJet ES is the only temperature cycling air system that utilises a dual stage cascade refrigeration system.  This enables it to deliver the highest cooling capacity, heat removal, and reliability on the market.  Compact and completely self-contained the ThermoJet ES requires no external cooling source such as liquid Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen. Using standard, off-the-shelf, environmentally friendly refrigerants, the system reduces downtime and saves on maintenance costs.

SP Scientific is a leading manufacturer of laboratory-to-production scale freeze dryers / lyophilizers, centrifugal evaporators and concentrators, thermal control system and glassware washers. The company sells its products under well-known brands including Hotpack®, VirTis®, FTS™ and Genevac®. SP Scientific has ISO 9001:2000 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe.

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