Freeze Drying Focus at AAPS 2009...

Freeze Drying Focus at AAPS 2009...

Release Date: October 13, 2009

SP Industries Inc., the world leader in laboratory, pilot, and production freeze dryers, has announced that it will exhibit its latest innovative products at the 2009 American Association for Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) meeting in Los Angeles, CA (November 8-12th). 

Centre stage on Booth 1229 at AAPS 2009 - SP Industries will be demonstrating its latest introduction - the LyoStar Freeze Dryer with SMART™ freeze dryer technology. Pharmaceutical scientists will be able to see how integrating the new generation LyoStar Freeze Dryer with SP Industries' exclusive SMART™ freeze dryer technology provides development scientists with maximum programming flexibility and product protection whether the product is processed in vials, bulk trays, 96 well plates or syringes. 

LyoStar represents the pinnacle of freeze dryer engineering. Designed and built like a production freeze drier, yet the size of a pilot plant model. The LyoStar has everything that you would expect, superior shelf mapping, fast shelf freezing, stoppering for vials, ease of use, high reliability and incredible software which drastically reduces the average formulation development cycle time. 

SMART™ freeze dryer technology is a patented system that puts the experience of the world's top lyophilisation scientists into an easy-to-use cycle development tool. SMART™ freeze dryer technology enables development scientists to create a streamlined but safe process that can shave days off the production cycle. This efficiency gain can eliminate production bottlenecks, expand capacity and reduce production costs. 

Through its FTS and Virtis brands, SP Industries is recognised internationally as a leading manufacturer of specialty laboratory equipment for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, academic, and OEM applications. Virtis is a global leader in laboratory, pilot-plant, and production scale lyophilizers/freeze dryers including the Genesis, Virtual, Benchmark, and Advantage/Advantage Plus product lines. FTS manufactures precision temperature control systems including recirculating chillers, immersion probes, low temperature baths as well as benchtop and pilot-plant lyophilizers. SP Industries has ISO 9001:2000 registered production facilities in the USA and Europe. 

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