Sports Drug Testing Lab Accelerates Sample Preparation

Sports Drug Testing Lab Accelerates Sample Preparation

Release Date: January 16, 2012

Genevac has announced an applications report that details how its miVac Duo sample concentrator has been used by a leading testing laboratory to develop a new sample preparation method to help curb sports doping.

Recent developments in applying mass spectrometry to proteomics means that it is becoming feasible for doping laboratories to routinely detect and confirm the abuse of peptide hormones by sportsmen and women. Using mass spectrometry to detect and confirm the abuse of peptide hormones is preferred to the use of immunoassay techniques as the methodology is able to positively differentiate between endogenous insulin and its synthetic analogues. To use LC-MS techniques to detect synthetic insulin however requires that samples are extracted and concentrated prior to analysis. This traditionally time consuming procedure requires at least one evaporation of a solution with high water content. 

Using a miVac Duo sample concentrator the Australian Sports Drug Testing Lab was able to significantly improve their sample preparation method for synthetic insulin's in serum.  Using the miVac Duo - sample preparation times were reduced from several days to just 2 hours and better and more consistent recoveries were obtained than using the traditional nitrogen blow down evaporation method. 

Affordably priced the miVac concentrator sets the standard for careful and speedy biological sample concentration and drying from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates and vials.  Compact in design - miVac concentrators feature built-in special methods for working with alcohols, water and water mixtures to improve performance and optimise concentration times.  Comprising three models of varying capacity each miVac concentrator features full LCD display with digital control and programming of time and temperature to minimise the chances of heat damage to your samples.  The miVac pressure controller helps further to optimise concentration through smoothing the onset of concentration and preventing sample splashing.  Offering unmatched performance, sample safety, versatility and ease-of-use - miVac is the first biological sample concentrator system with modules designed to work together and also look good.

For a copy of the applications report "Better Analysis of Insulin Analogues" please For further information on the miVac sample concentrator please contact Genevac now on +44-1473-240000 / (International) or +1-845-267-2211 / (North America).

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