FTS Low Temperature Cooling Systems & Equipment

FTS Systems FI - Recirc Chiller

RS Recirculating Chiller

  • Small compact size for bench top or under counter operation


  • Mechanically refrigerated


  • Centrifugal or positive displacement pumps


  • RS232 Interface

FTS Thermal Products offer low temperature cooling equipment for any thermal management requirement. Systems are available with contact, fluid or air cooling mediums with a wide variety of temperature ranges and heat load capacities.

Eliminate costly and awkward expendable refrigerants such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen. Let FTS Thermal assist you in the integration of mechanically refrigerated cooling products into your equipment or process.

Equipment designed to service the aerospace, semiconductor, tissue freezing, charpy, automobile testing, and medical device industries -- to name a few.

FTS Systems is recognized as an industry leader in low-temperature thermal management systems and freeze dryers, offering unmatched application and implementation support, and specializing in customized system solutions.


Air Stream

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SP Scientific’s Air Stream Systems are precision–controlled temperature cycling systems that deliver air streams of up to 20 scfm to rapidly change the temperature of a product or device under test (DUT). Temperature ranges of -80°C to +350°C are available with temperature transition rates of up to 1600°C per minute. Typical applications include temperature cycling, thermal shock, stress screening, temperature characterization and sample cooling for X-ray diffraction, NMR, MRI, ESR and other applications.

Controlled Rate Freezer

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SP Scientific’s Controlled Rate Freezers precisely control cooling rates for convenient, reliable and economical cell and tissue freezing. Because these systems are mechanically refrigerated, there is no need for expendable refrigerants such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen.

Immersion Probes

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SP Scientific’s Immersion Probes can be placed where ever needed to provide on the spot cooling. Cold probes are available for immersion in a liquid or for direct contact cooling to meet specific customer applications, such as laboratory dewars, vapor traps, charpy impact testing, differential scanning calorimeter (DSC), etc. Temperature ranges to -100°C are available.

Low Temperature Baths

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SP Scientific’s Low Temperature Baths provide low temperature or controlled temperature source of chilled liquid for a variety of applications. Because these systems are mechanically refrigerated there is no need for expendable refrigerants such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The baths are available with and without temperature control, temperature ranges from -80°C to +100°C.

Recirculating Chillers

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SP Scientific’s recirculating chillers provide highly efficient and cost effective heat removal by means of a constant flow of clean temperature controlled fluid. Recirculating chiller systems are available with heat removal rates from 1050 W (3580 Btu/hr) to 24,000 W (81,910 Btu/hr) and temperature ranges from -90°C to +150°.


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SP Scientific’s Traps are mechanically refrigerated vapor traps that protect expensive vacuum pumps from harmful vapors which can shorten the life of the pump. Because the traps are mechanically refrigerated there is no need for expendable refrigerants such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen. Condensing surfaces include stainless steel, glass or titanium with temperatures to -100°C.