Hotpack Glassware Washers and Controlled Environments

Natl-Hotpack FI - undercounter

Undercounter Washer

  • Digital Microprocessor Control w/ Digital Display


  • Six Selectable Wash Cycle Settings


  • Selectable Convection Drying


  • Final D.I. Rinses for All Cycles

Hotpack glassware washers are manufactured to provide extremely accurate control and years of dependable performance. Hotpack's product line of washers meet almost any glassware washer requirement.

Our undercounter and vertical stack washers are designed for ultra-quiet operation and manufactured from insulated 304 stainless steel. The loading and operation flexibility of our washers help accommodate a wide range of washing requirements.

Developed by Hotpack engineers and executives, Stability Environments Environmental Walk-in rooms and Reach-in chambers are recognized worldwide as a manufacturer and supplier of precision -- meeting the requirements of ICH, FDA, MILSPEC and TAPPI standards for Environmental Stability Testing.


1. Laboratory Glassware Washers

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Hotpack Glassware Washers are engineered for durable, reliable and energy efficient operation.

2. Controlled Environments

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Recognized worldwide as a manufacturer and supplier of precision Environmental Walk-in rooms and Reach-in chambers, meeting the requirements of ICH, FDA, MILSPEC and TAPPI standards for Environmental Stability Testing.

3. Controlled Environment Services

Controlled Environment Modular Panels

Transform Your Aging Environmental Rooms

We will assess the current condition of your environmental rooms, evaluate that condition against the latest standards, and offer you an upgrade path. This may involve simple electronic upgrades, mechanical updates or partial rebuilds. Your options will be clearly presented and we will assist you in determining the most cost effective method of achieving your goals.

Installation Services

- Hotpack Non-Union personnel

- Hotpack Supervision only

- Hotpack Union-supported personnel

Environmental Room Relocation Services

- Within an existing facility

- Relocation across country

- Domestic and International

Environmental Chamber Rental Services

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Validation Services

Hotpack offers 3 Validation Packages:

1) A Full IQ/OQ validation is available as a turnkey service. Hotpack will provide all protocols and documentation which are fully compliant with FDA and ICH guidelines.

2) A Documentation Package is available for the user to carry out the protocols.

3) Validation assistance is available to help complete the process for users who wish to follow their own program guides.

For full details and prices, please contact us for a quote