Hotpack Stability Chambers and Glassware Washers

Natl-Hotpack FI - undercounter

Undercounter Washer

  • Digital Microprocessor Control w/ Digital Display


  • Six Selectable Wash Cycle Settings


  • Selectable Convection Drying


  • Final D.I. Rinses for All Cycles

Hotpack glassware washers are manufactured to provide extremely accurate control and years of dependable performance. Hotpack's product line of washers meet almost any glassware washer requirement.

Our undercounter and vertical stack washers are designed for ultra-quiet operation and manufactured from insulated 304 stainless steel. The loading and operation flexibility of our washers help accommodate a wide range of washing requirements.

Building on Hotpack's reputation for reliability and customer satisfaction, our stability chambers represent the ultimate in quality craftsmanship. Temperature and humidity are precisely controlled to meet ICH/FDA and other testing standards.


1. Laboratory Glassware Washers

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Hotpack Glassware Washers are engineered for durable, reliable and energy efficient operation.

2. Stability Chambers

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Hotpack's precise temperature- and humidity-controlled stability chambers meet ICH, FDA, MILSPEC, and other testing standards.