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  • Thermal Products & Low Temperature Cooling Systems

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    Thermal equipment group offers low temperature cooling equipment for any thermal management requirement. Systems are available with contact, fluid or air cooling mediums with a wide variety of temperature ranges and heat load capacities.

    Eliminate costly and awkward expendable refrigerants such as dry ice and liquid nitrogen. Let us assist you in the integration of mechanically refrigerated cooling products into your equipment or process.

    Equipment designed to service the aerospace, semiconductor, tissue freezing, charpy, automobile testing, and medical device industries -- to name a few.

  • Freeze Dryers / Lyophilizers

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    SP Scientific provides the unique collaboration of three well-known commercial freeze drying brands - VirTis, Hull, and FTS. This positions SP Scientific as a premier supplier of pilot and production freeze dryers / lyophilizers for any application, anywhere in the world. We invite you to contact us to see how we can help you build the best freeze dryer in the world for your needs – and in your budget.

  • Hotpack Stability Chambers and Glassware Washers

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    Hotpack stability chambers are recognized worldwide for for reliability and customer satisfaction. Our glassware washers provide extremely efficient high-volume washing of laboratory and research glassware.

  • Centrifugal Evaporators & Sample Concentrators

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    World leaders in Centrifugal Evaporator and Sample Concentrator technology.

    Whenever there is a requirement for evaporation or concentration, Genevac has the solution.

    Genevac has remained an industry leader by partnering with customers to understand the obstacles involved in using centrifugal evaporation/concentration systems. This partnership has led to the development of a range of products to meet your evaporation/concentration requirements. Genevac – Evaporation pure and simple.

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