SP Genevac miVac DNA

The miVac DNA is an ideal small vacuum concentrator for the molecular biology laboratory.

The miVac DNA is capable of removing low volumes of water and organic solvents from a variety of sample formats including tubes, microplates, vials and round bottom flasks. Making it an ideal concentrator for the busy molecular biology laboratory.

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Key Features:
  • Built in high performance vacuum pump
  • Concentration chamber with electro-magnetic drive for quiet, maintenance free operation
  • Fixed angle aluminium rotor for 1.5 mlor 2 ml micro-centrifuge tubes
  • High displacement vacuum pump
  • Clear, acrylic lid to monitor progress


Key Benefits:

Simply position the system on the bench, connect the power lead and exhaust tube and look forward to faster, trouble-free concentration! 

    • Concentration time and temperature are readily monitored on the large clear display
    • Parameter scan be easily set and selected using the friendly dial 
    • Optimise concentration time
    • Faster than any other system in its class.
    • Range of rotors
    • Option for microtitre plates