AdVantage 2.0 BenchTop Freeze Dryer / Lyophilizer

The AdVantage provides a small benchtop freeze dryer for scientists who require both manifold and tray-type freeze drying. Shelf temperatures as low as -55C and condenser temperatures to -85C supportsa wide range of applications. The one-shelf Advantage is available in bulk or stoppering, with aluminum alloy cast shelf and an internal condenser. 


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  • Advantage 2.0 Bench Top Lyophilizer

    Advantage 2.0 Bench Top Lyophilizer

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  • Compact, bench-top design
  • Easy scale up from the AdVantage Plus to larger pilot scale freeze dryers
  • Clear acrylic door for easy product viewing during processing
  • Stoppering or bulk configurations
  • On-board Wizard controller
  • Choice of refrigeration package allows you to configure a system to meet your own needs
  • Manifold and tray type drying in a single unit
  • Easy install, requires standard laboratory utilities
  • Accommodate a wide array of products with shelf temperatures to -55C and condensers to -85C

Shelf Temperature Control Range (°C)
-50 to 60C
-55 to 60C
Lowest Shelf 
(50 Hz / 60 Hz, °C)
-57C / -60C
-67C / -70C
Lowest Condenser Temperature 
25 Liter Genesis
(50 Hz / 60 Hz, °C)
  -67C / -70C
-83C / -85C
Maximum Condenser Capacity (L)
3.5 L
Maximum Ice Condensing Capacity in 24 hours (L)
This specification is based on freeze drying water as aggessively as possible.  
The ability to collect ice is application dependent and your actual rate will most likely be lower
2 L
Shelf  Pull-Down from 20 °C to -45 °C (minutes)
≤ 60 minutes
≤ 45 minutes
≤ 45 minutes
Note: Performance specifications are based on SP Industries test data from units operating at an ambient room temperature of approximately 20 °C. SP Industries recommends an operating range of 15-25 °C (59-77 °F).

Dimensional Data
Width (in. / mm)
25.75 / 654
Depth (in. / mm)
28 / 711
Height (in. / mm)
28.75 / 730
Weight (lb / kg)\\
260 / 145

Shelf Configuration
1 Shelf
Shelf Clearance
(in. / mm)
Shelf Area
(in.2 / cm2)
5.5 / 140
150 / 970
4.6 / 117
150 / 970

Additional Information
Shelf Construction
Aluminum Alloy Casting with Corrosion Resistant Surface
Chamber Construction
304 Stainless Steel
Chamber Door
Full-View Acrylic
Nominal Shelf Size 
(W x D x TH)
10.75 in. X 14 in. X 0.75 in.
(273 mm X 355 mm X 19 mm)
Vacuum Pump 
(Required, not included)
Two-Stage Rotary Vane
or Suitable Dry Pump
Stoppering (Optional)
Top-Down Pneumatic
Defrost Type
Hot Gas
Refrigerant Type
CFC Free
Condenser Type
  • Laboratory research and development freeze drying
  • 96 well plates
  • Process serum bottles, vials or manifold type containers
  • Bulk products for analysis – plant material, organic tissue, waste products
Software & Printer Options
357376Wizard Automated Control System Software Only : Requires customer to supply a PC (Pentium 120 MHz, 1 gig H.D., 16 meg. RAM, VGA monitor, color printer and proper printer driver, Windows Interface).
358085Wizard Computer Workstation - Recipe Management, synoptic data screen, data logging and graphing. Includes computer, monitor, color printer and software for running one Wizard. (Requires Wizard Control System).
INSInstallation of software on computer provided by customer and shipped to VirTis. (computer must meet VirTis specifications and be shipped to VirTis for complete Q.C. testing). RECOMMENDED FOR ALL SOFTWARE ONLY PURCHASES
LPLine Printer package - for Wizard 1.0 includes interface, printer, and cable (Panasonic Printer). Data printout includes run time, shelf temperature, condenser temperature, two product probe temperatures and vacuum in millitorr.
445681Line Printer package - Includes Latest Epson LX300+ line printer, 25 pin DBM to 25 pin DBF RS232 cable. Printer is configured and tested prior to shipment for plug and play connection to Freeze Dryer w/ Wizard 2.0. Data includes Shelf, Condenser, Probe Avg, Probes (up to 8 as purchased), Vac1, Vac2 (optional as purchased).
RVRemote View Option. Allows for monitoring and controlling the Workstation from any remote PC through an internal modem. PC Anywhere is installed and configured on purchased Workstation. Modem for remote computer is not supplied.
Stoppering / Clean Room Options
SCStoppering Configuration - Unit will use pneumatic top down stoppering platen that compresses the shelves from the top down, for stoppering vials under vacuum. 60psi air or gas required for operation.
Vacuum Pump
 VP-60Approximately 60 LPM Vacuum Pump
 VP-OME-1Oil Mist Eliminator
 FTAFilter Trap Assembly, includes trap and stand. For AdVantage and Benchtop freeze dryers and freestanding application.
 FTA-SSSoda Sorb Filter Cartridge - for VISITRAP filter housing, p/n 100002890 and filter traps p/n 100002891 & 100004724 purchased after 8-1-09.
 FTA-ACActivated Charcoal Filter Cartridge - for VISITRAP filter housing, p/n 100002890 and filter traps p/n 100002891 & 100004724 purchased after 8-1-09.
 FTA-MSMolecular Sieve Cartridge for Water Vapor (Filter Cartridge) for VISITRAP filter housing, p/n 100002890 and filter traps p/n 100002891 & 100004724 purchased after 8-1-09.
Other Accessories
MVPMVP Product Probes - for placing probes into small sample vials for product temperature analysis while providing virtually no thermal path to the product.Customer to supply: stopper size; length of Guide tube; length of thermocouple wire; type of plug. Additional cost for steam.
WMManual drying rate windmill - Allows the end user to determine the end of the drying cycle by viewing the windmill through the acrylic door. NOT available on AdVantage Plus.
 View Available Wide Mouth Filter Seal Flasks (PDF)
352005 Flask Safety Shroud ASM for use with AdVantage freeze dryer.
352013Flask Shelf Assembly for use with AdVantage freeze dryer.
Trays & Racks
351973Replacement PETG Plastic Product Tray - 10" x 14"
351981Stainless Steel Tray 10" x 14" for AdVantage 2.0
 ADP-TRBRemovable bottom stainless steel tray (10" X 14") for use with AdVantage Freeze Dryer. Allows vials to sit directly on the shelf for better heat transfer.
4013571" Low profile removable bottom stainless steel tray for use with AdVantage Freeze Dryer. Allows vials to sit directly on the shelf for better heat transfer.
 ADP-TRB-LP3/4" inch removable bottom tray
434416Stainless Steel Filter Seal Tray with locking rails
Validation Guide and Workbook for AdVantage/AdVantage Plus. Qualification (IQ/OQ) protocols are designed to provide an acceptable degree of confidence that the purchased equipment meets the functional and design specifications as expressed by the manufacturer. All activities are developed to follow a sequential progression as items are reviewed and/or tested. Package includes life cycle documentation and calibration certificates.