***SOLD*** - Refurb Hull - Rebuilt 48 Sq.Ft. Freeze Dryer

Fast Delivery: Rebuilt 48 Sq.Ft. Freeze Dryer, 2x3 Shelves

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48FS75-SS20C Freeze Dryer Specifications

Year Mfg1983
Model Number48FS75-SS20C
ConfigurationTBD at time of sale
Shelf Area48 sq-ft (4.46 sq-m)
Shelf Quantity8 usable shelves + 1 radiant shelf
Shelf Size24 in-wide x 36 in-deep (61-cm x 914-cm)
Shelf Inter-distance4.5 in, double-latching included
Vial StopperingYes, Hydraulic downward stoppering
Material of Construction304L Stainless Steel
Ice Condenser ConfigurationInternal
Ice condenser Capacity75+ liters
Defrost MethodSteam defrost
Steam in Place (SIP)Yes, ASME rated to 20psig
Clean in Place (CIP)No
RefrigerationTBD at time of sale
VacuumTBD at time of sale
ControlsTBD at time of sale
PLC & SCADATBD at time of sale
DocumentationBasic (GAMP4 optional)