SP Genevac EZ-2 Series

The third generation of the EZ-2 Series is the pinnacle of parallel evaporation that draws on the expertise of Genevac engineers and the experiences of many scientists in the laboratory. Using the most advanced proven technology in evaporation science, the EZ-2 Series has been designed specifically for solvent removal in many areas of scientific research, whether concentration of samples or complete drying is required.

There are three models in the EZ-2 Series: Standard, Plus & Elite
• The Standard (EZ-2) is suitable for water and volatile solvents
• The Plus (EZ-2 Plus) is recommended for solvents with boiling points up to 165°C  
• The Elite (EZ-2 Elite) is recommended for solvents with boiling points up to 220°C

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  • Elite


  • EZ2


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Key Features:

  • Autostop
  • Pre-programmed methods
  • Revolutionary SpeedTrap™ (with autodrain on Elite)
  • DriPure anti-bumping
  • High boiling point solvents (Elite)
  • Lyospeed Fast lyophilisation (Elite)

Key Benefits:

  • All-in-one compact design saves valuable bench space
  • Easier to use than a rotary evaporator
  • Smart evaporation gives great results every time
  • Advanced technology offers total sample protection
  • Versatile design accommodates a wide choice of sample types
  • Easy maintenance contributes to low cost of ownership


EZ2 Chart

A wide range of sample holders capable of accepting a full range of tubes and vials, and flasks up to 500ml, is available. Many can be integrated with other laboratory automation systems.

Bespoke Faststack holders for microtitre plates along with unique, flexible heat transfer plates can halve evaporation times with deepwell microtitre plates and microtube storage racks.

HCl Resistance 

Inert Gas Purge

Infinity Trolley