SP Hull Lyophilization Process Sub-Systems and Controls

Hull combines people, technology, facilities, and 50+ years of freeze dryer manufacturing experience to provide customized lyophilization process skids and control systems. These lyophilizer sub-systems are integrated into purpose-built freeze drying systems or supplied as modular packages to retrofit into existing lyophilization suites.

The use of modular process skids facilitates the customization of our new freeze dryers to the customer's exact process requirements. Modular sub-systems also facilitate the installation and startup of the freeze dryer in a new lyophilization suite.

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  • Lyophilization Process Sub System

    Lyophilization Process Sub System

  • Lyophilization Chamber

    Lyophilization Chamber

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A modular process sub-system retrofit can upgrade existing freeze dry processing equipment to meet current and future requirements for operating parameters, reliablity, and validation. Field installation services and full engineering documentation of the retrofit are available as well.
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