General Purpose Freeze Dryer

The GPFD- General Purpose Freeze Dryer is available in 25 and 35 Liter configurations. Condenser refrigeration packages of -53, -70 or -85C allow you to configure the most economical system for your products The GPFD is available in 2 to 5 shelf configurations with optional programmable heat. 

The GPFD is ideal for bulky product, such as floral arrangements and taxidermy specimens where low energy input is required and long freeze drying cycles are common.

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Read more about SP Scientific's conservation freeze dryer commissioned by Texas A&M for the restoration of the 1686 La Belle ship.

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  • General Purpose Freeze Dryer

    General Purpose Freeze Dryer

  • General Purpose Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer

    General Purpose Lyophilizer / Freeze Dryer

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  • Mobile, free standing design
  • Choice of refrigeration systems with temperatures of -53, -70 or -85C
  • 2 to 5 shelves
  • LyoTroll Controller with optional programmable heating to assist in the freeze drying process
  • Lowest cost option for floral freeze drying and taxidermy specimens
  • Visually monitor product progress through acrylic door
  • Large batch processing in a single run with 25 or 35 liter condenser capacity
  • Accommodate a wide variety of product solvents with temperatures to -85C
  • Long equipment life, chamber configured of 304 stainless steel
  • Easy install
Maximum Low Condenser Temperature (°C)   60Hz / 50Hz
Condenser Capacity in 24 hours*   FM25 /  FM35
14L / 20L
Condenser Capacity Total   FM25  / FM35
25L / 35L
Condenser Surface Area   FM25 / FM35
506 in2 /3264 cm2  /  750 in2 / 4838 cm2
304 stainless steel chamber, shelves and condenser
Note: Performance specifications are based on SP Industries test data from units operating at an ambient room temperature of approximately 20 °C. 
SP Industries recommends an operating range of 15-25 °C (59-77 °F).
* 24 hour capacity ratings are derived by freeze drying plain water and maximizing throughput.  The 24 hour rating you experience with product will be lower.

  • Specimens for taxidermy
  • Floral bouquets and arrangements
  • Restoration/drying of water soaked manuscripts