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Developed and taught by Dr. Jeff Schwegman, Founder and CEO of AB Biotechnologies and Dr. John Carpenter, Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Co-Director of the Center for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, University of Colorado, this hands-on laboratory course will provide valuable assistance to those involved in the development and manufacture of diagnostics, vaccines, and biologically based injectable drug products including monoclonal antibodies.

  • 37% of Forbes “Best Selling Drugs of All Time” are “biologicals” 
  • Over 900 biologically based drug and vaccine candidates are in some phase of FDA approval.  Many of these are Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) 
  • Medicinal Monoclonal Antibodies (mAbs) have a higher FDA approval rate (approx.. 21%) than new chemical entities (approx.. 5%) 

Hands On Learning Opportunities:

  • Formulation development and optimization using the TA Instruments Microcalorimeter.
  • Lyophilization of protein formulations using a variety of SP Scientific Development Freeze Dryers.
  • Evaluate the structural differences between native and formulated proteins using the Biotools PROTA Analyzer.
  • Measure and characterize nano-scale particles, such as protein aggregates, using Nanosight instruments.
  • Utilize the Affinity Biosensors Archimedes to measure particle aggregation and agglutination.


Course Objectives: 


Many of these biologically based drugs and vaccines will require lyophilization to enhance their stability.  If not done properly, however, it can be extremely damaging to the physical structure of the molecule rendering them inactive, causing aggregation and potentially eliciting a life threatening immune response in the patient.  This course has been designed in collaboration with leaders in the academic and industrial communities to address the issues of optimal formulation and stabilization of protein molecules.  By getting involved early in the development phase of the drug, vaccine or diagnostic protein, and understanding the keys to successful formulation and stabilization, the development scientist is able to deliver a product on time that is safe, effective, has a long shelf life and meets the FDA’s established guidelines for this type of molecule.



*Course fee of $4900 includes hotel accommodations, meals, lab fees and materials. Course will be held in Warminster, PA. Limited to 20 attendees.


Co-Sponsors of this Course:


 TA Instruments  |  Nanosight  |  Biotools  |  Affinity Biosensors

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