Environmental Walk-In Rooms

Test your products' stability in a wide range of environmental conditions with our standard and custom designed environmental rooms - a most reliable and cost effective way to test your product.

Our Environmental Rooms can accurately reproduce the wide range of atmospheric conditions that may be encountered by products during their life cycle, from manufacturing through storage to consumption. ICH stability testing, Single setpoint testing, Photostability testing, and Humidity testing.

Using latest state of the art design and manufacturing criteria, we are able to offer solutions to a wide variety of needs. Modular construction allows maximum flexibility, and a PLC control system with PID capability ensures the performance and accuracy of the structures.

Being ever conscious of the need to protect the external environment, our conditioning systems incorporate high efficiency features to reduce its impact, such as plenum configurations to optimize the usage of the conditioned air in the chamber.

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    • 4" thick foamed-in-place urethane.
    • Choice of external finishes.
    • Antimicrobial coatings available.
    • Choice of door positioning and opening.
    • Choice of compressor positioning.
    • Choice of wall or ceiling plenum conditioning systems.
    • Wide range of accessories available.


    • Single  set  point  rooms  from ­-40ºC  to +60ºC
    • Multi­range  rooms  from ­-20ºC  to  +60ºC
    • Temperature  uniformity  to  ±0.3ºC
    • Modular  insulated  panels  provide  superior  insulation  value  and  are  easy  to  assemble.
    • Humidity  control  range  as  wide  as  20%  to  95%
    • Upgrade  packages  are  available  for  all  existing  rooms.
    • A  variety  of  options  are  available  for  interfacing  with  building  monitoring  systems. 


    Typical Specifications


    Room typeWall PlenumCeiling Plenum
    Single set-point-20° to 50° C-40° to 40° C
    Multi-range-10° to 60° C0° to 40° C
    Temperature Uniformity0.15° C0.25° C
    Humidity control2% RH5% RH
    Ceiling mounted plenumCompact low profile unit cooler w/ energy saving PSC motors
    Wall plenum12" deep, removable rear or side wall plenum

    Room typeEither Wall Plenum or Ceiling Plenum
    Humidity Range20% to 90%RH
    ICH Guideline20°C to 40°C @ 60% to 80%RH
    Interior / exterior wall panelsSmooth / stucco white aluminum; stainless steel; galvanized ; 4" thick
    Floor panelsGalvanized; aluminum; stainless steel; 2" or 4" thick
    Door size36" x 78" (std); custom sizes
    Observation window14" x 14"; 14" x 24"; custom sizes
    RefrigerantR-134A ; R-404A
    Defrost systemHot gas or electric
    CompressorHermetic; semi-hermetic; air-cooled; water-cooled; w/ air back-up
    Voltages120V ; 208V ; 480V ; 1-3 phase
    Vapor GeneratorElectric humidifier with stainless steel vessel
    DrierCargocaire desiccant dehumidifier
    Temperature sensorRTD dual sensor
    Humidity sensorRange 0 to 100%, 2% RH accuracy at 20°C
    ControllerWatlow PID, Honeywell PID or Siemens PLC w/ touch screen
    Temperature limit alarmIndependent, high and low, audio / visual
    Emergency personnel alarmAudio / visual with push-pull switch 12" above floor
    Lighting70 foot-candles @ 40" above floor
    Chart RecorderHoneywell, 10" circular, 1-pen or 2-pen for temp. & humidity
    ShelvingMetro stainless; chrome; epoxy coated; free standing or wall mounted
    CommunicationsRS-232 & 485; Ethernet; Dry Contacts to BSS standard


    Modular Construction Ensures High Performance and Flexibility


    SP Scientific Rooms are constructed using modular panels, which makes it easy to design and build rooms of different sizes and shapes. This flexibility allows for more efficient construction on site and saves time in project development.


     Panels are made from 4” foamed in place urethane, with a choice of external finishes, including aluminum or steel, plain or embossed, white or unpainted versions. Coatings, such as antimicrobials are also available. External finishes depend much on the style of the room. If it is a stand-alone structure, then the whole of the outside surface can be seen, and so tends to have an attractive finish. However, if the room is recessed, only the front wall will be visible, and sometimes only the front door will show! These rooms tend to have exposed surfaces in a good finish, and hidden surfaces are left untreated.



      The Panels are cam-locked into position to ensure a positive seal is achieved. Each panel has a trough on one side edge and a ridge on the other so that when two panels are locked together the seal is good for the entire length of the panel. There is also a sealing gasket in the trough necessary to maintain set conditions.




     A choice of 2” and 4” thick floors is available, and these can incorporate internal and external ramps if required. Floorless models are also available. Occasionally, it is necessary to make the room a stand alone outside structure. This is the case for field test rooms, marine biology research facilities and Institutes where they have simply run out of indoor sites for a controlled environmental room and the only alternative is outside.




    The most important feature in maintaining a uniform controlled environment is the airflow. Hotpack rooms achieve this through vertical wall or ceiling mounted conditioning systems. Plenums are also used which may be ceiling mounted or wall mounted, and provide superior uniformity throughout the room.




     Where space is at a premium, it is possible to mount the control panel remotely. This allows the user to set, read and record the room's performance from their most convenient location.








     Also, where the material being stored or tested inside the Environmental Room is very sensitive to changes in conditions, Hotpack offer a range of redundancy packages to ensure against interruptions in mains services, such as the electrical or water supplies, and component failures in the control systems.






     These packages range from duplicate mechanical systems thru to complete control backup systems.

    A Full Turnkey Installation Service is available for all room projects.

    Parameter Configuration

    Control Configuration




    Plenum design is an extremely important feature in environmental Room performance. Hotpack offers two different conditioning systems, rear wall and ceiling plenum. Both systems continuously re-circulate the conditioned air in the room. Fresh air intake systems are also available.

    Wall Plenum:

    This system design allows future expansion and is recommended for working labs and applications where control is critical. This vertical wall plenum is located in a separate environmental compartment inside the chamber. A diffuser ceiling provides correct air flow throughout the room is removable for cleaning the interior of the room. Fan motors are externally mounted and provide quiet air circulation uniformly across the area of the room.

    Ceiling Plenum:

    This system provides maximum wall and floor space and is appropriate when a lesser degree of temperature control and uniformity are required.